Our Priority Areas


Service Delivery Planning

Challenge: Identifying and reaching populations with health services and vaccines
​Solution: Digital microplanning using GIS, spatial analysis, satellite imagery and Artificial Intelligence to map target populations.
Read more about the WHO & UNICEF GIS Working Group for COVAX Innovation 


Vaccination Status

Challenge: Current approach is not tamper-proof​, as the card is easy to lose or forget​, there is poor quality and integrity of data​, and lack of immutable authentication mechanisms for providers and recipients.
​Solution: A Smart Vaccination Certificate and a shared architecture to verify vaccination status of individuals that supports both digital (e.g., smart phone) and analog (e.g., paper Yellow Card, ID cards) use


Counterfeit Detection

Challenge: High value product encourages harmful  falsification, leading to mistrust and vaccine hesitancy
​Solution: GS1 enabled verification of health products traceable through a Global Trust Repository


Community Mobilisation

Challenge: Overabundance of information can lead to confusion and mistrust in the public health response.​
Solution: Digital communication solutions to make trusted information available 


Logistics Management

Challenge: Incomplete and untimely information make logistics decisions and supply chain management difficult.​Solution: Electronic Logistics Management Information System (eLMIS) solution of health data management to ensure greater commodity security.


Coverage Monitoring

Challenge: Slow and incomplete information on uptake and coverage of health services in a population.
Solution: Electronic data collection and visualization of health services administered across population strata, with protocols to detect and remediate issues in real time.


Remote Health Worker Learning

Challenge: Movement restrictions and remote locations limit continuing education of frontline health workers
​Solution: eLearning of health workers using vetted content and quizzes delivered through digital communications platforms and mobile phone applications


Service Health Delivery

Challenge: Low care quality and missed opportunities for longitudinal care due to lack of individual patient histories
​Solution: Health worker decision support with electronic client records to improve service delivery, detect adverse events, and collect health information.