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Stepwise toolkit on cybersecurity, confidentiality, and privacy for planning and operationalizing patient-centric digital health systems

The increased use of digital technologies in healthcare necessitates an increased commitment to ensuring continued access to timely and critical health services with client privacy and confidentiality through secure and resilient digital systems. Securing digital health systems prevents unauthorized access to sensitive health information, preserving patient privacy and confidentiality. The WHO Global strategy on digital health 2020-2025 (1) classifies health data as sensitive personal data requiring extra security measures. It also emphasizes the need for robust legal and regulatory frameworks to protect the privacy, confidentiality, and integrity of health data.

Aligned with the WHO Global strategy on digital health 2020-2025, this toolkit aims to create cybersecurity awareness and offer guidance on planning and budgeting for cybersecurity and privacy protection of digital health interventions (DHIs), including patient-centric and individual-level digital systems. This document is for a non-technical audience who are pivotal in shaping and implementing patient-centered health systems at various levels. The toolkit is designed to facilitate the implementation of secure and privacy protecting DHIs by articulating a stepwise approach to integrating cybersecurity measures across the DHI lifecycle.

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