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How can DICE help you ?

DICE is not a funding mechanism, but can support country governments with immediate, coordinated technical assistance and advice on digital solutions design and the planning needed for implementation in the COVID-19 context - from planning the distribution of diagnostics, treatments and vaccines to monitoring coverage of services, and communicating to reach people and reduce misinformation.

Technical assistance is provided through existing regional and country structures and a roster of technical experts. DICE can also support coordination between donors and development partners at the regional and global levels. 

Here are some of the questions that DICE can help you answer:

  • What are the specific health system processes or functions that need to be addressed through digital health interventions? 

  • If COVID-19 vaccine related, is the need for the digital health intervention (technology/system/platform) described in the National Vaccine Deployment Plan (NVDP)? 

  • Is the digital health intervention supported by a National eHealth or Digital Health strategy? 

  • Who are the main in-country stakeholders that should be included in the process? 

Types of support

Types of Technical Assistance

  • In-country stakeholder mapping

  • Contextual analysis/readiness assessment

  • Mapping existing systems and solutions

  • Drafting of platform requirements and development of a costed roadmap

  • Assessment of existing platform functionalities

  • Gap analysis

  • Identify Platform(s)

  • Draft Request for Proposals

  • Total Cost of Ownership assessment

  • Draft Terms of Reference

  • Vendor readiness

  • Contracting mechanisms

  • Review of existing content and workflows

  • Consolidating results and findings

  • Formulating recommendations

DICE Support Process


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Needs analysis, problem definition and anticipated outcomes


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Platform assessments with stakeholders

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Deployment readiness


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Results and recommendations